Australia is famous for many things, but being a place that gets much love from technology manufacturers is not one of them. We are all entirely cognizant of how expensive the cost of living is and occasionally the world lets us know how insignificant we are by excluding us all together. It is the case yet again with Chromecast, as the developers announced yesterday that the nifty USB-sized gadget that creates a smart TV experience with lots of cool apps like Hulu and Netflix has not decided to come to Australia.

The land down under is pretty unlucky this time considering it has expanded to countries such as Canada, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdon, Spain and Sweden. It is now apparent that what got under way out as a US-based extension has toured extensively across Europe. Because all of those countries are a part of Europe — depending on whether you are from the U.K. or not because we know they hate being called European — it is a positive thing in a way for future possibilities of it coming to Aus. It seems as though Google just wanted to target that area of the world only, and a more Asian-based release could be on the cards.

Another reason Google may have chosen Europe is because they also released the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 7 to countries nearby including the likes of Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Ireland and Finland.

I feel as though the Aussies would have loved the Chromecast dongle because it only costs $35. Products are always so expensive if you live there and it has an impact on sales. It is one device that would have spread like wildfire if given the opportunity.

Via: Chrome blog