Nobody can break their own rules like a company that makes the rules. Apple gave all apps a deadline to be updated for iOS 7, and while the iTunes Festival application was working fine on the newest Cupertino company firmware, it wasn’t revamped with the updated look until today where it received the update to iTunes Festival 5.0.

I really love the look of iOS 7, it’s such a clean, simple yet effective design and iTunes festival keeps the tradition going with the look. The part I like most about iOS 7 is the font used in the writing. I’m not sure which font that they use, but it looks great. I’ve tried to use a similar one for my website. It also looks great in contrast with the white background and when up next to pictures like there are many of inside this music application.

SXSW iTunes

Of course, the big reason it saw the update was to look fresh for the SXSW festival coming up that it will be live streaming. It regularly plays host to some of the biggest shows around the world, and it brings in lots of people watching the events. The SXSW is an annual music festival hosted in Austin. It all kicks off on the 13th of March, and the event is headlined by Wiz Khalifa. There will also be a heartfelt tribute to Melissa Etheridge and Lou Reed, plus many other performers including Lady Gaga on the Doritos bold stage, Kendrick Lamar, Soundgarden, Pitbull, Australia’s own Keith Urban, Willie Nelson, Zedd and the Imagine Dragons.

To install it, click on the app store icon and type the words “iTunes Festival” into the search bar at the top of the screen. This will now bring the result showing up first on the screen. Next to the title name and the logo will be a button that says “free”. By clicking this icon once, it will then display the word “install” for you to install it. Now you can click out of the app store application and swipe over to the last page of your apps where this new one on the springboard until you decide to move it somewhere else. You can also stay on the same screen and when the blue square button changes to “open” means that the app has finished downloading, and you can press the button to open the app now.

This update is big in size coming in at 28.2 MB. That means you may wish to be connected to your home wireless instead of attempting to download it over the air and use up your mobile data.

Download iTunes festival on the app store.