While many are gearing up to inspect what Samsung launch over the next 24 hours the Apple fans boys are already nail-biting over the prospects coming their way on the 9th of September. The Cupertino company are unveiling at least one new flagship iPhone and according to reports the iWatch to go with it.

There’s lots of mulling over this first generation of Apple wearable’s lately and that’s never a great thing. First there was rumors of the watch delayed until Q4 of 2014 and then Steve Wozniak said it will be a tough sell to people. All that is only the very latest rumored troubles surfacing on the web. Prior to that reports suggest that we wouldn’t see anything until 2015. However, the latest scoop says that they may well ship in 2015 but will launch alongside the iPhone 6 at the Apple event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in less than a week’s time.


In addition to all of that, there’s talk of more than one watch coming and the high-end version costing $400. Given many people do not want to spend that much money on a smartwatch, the Fruit company is bringing out a much cheaper version aimed at satisfying the low-end market too. The main difference between them will be the amount of features, with the top-end device coming with lots of feature-rich material based on promoting health, fitness with the HealthKit and more.

Apple is doing a fantastic job keeping the new smartwatch behind closed doors because nothing is leaking in the lead up to the big day. Some experts are saying they think the watch won’t be a traditional smartwatch like we are seeing from the Android Wear participants, but more like the FitBit band. There’s some merit to that argument also because we’ve seen several concepts depicting a similar idea.

Anyone following Apple closely will know that it’s not everyday they come out and release a product that doesn’t take the world by storm. It’s unlikely they show off a device that isn’t changing and paving the way for the smartwatch to have a great future. It will. It’s just a matter of when they will bring it out. In my opinion, the right time is now. Any longer and the people wanting to stay faithful to the Cupetno guys just might jump ship and start wearing Android.

The final price will come out along with the launch, which we are anticipating to be in 6 days time.