An alleged real video with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 surfaced on YouTube overnight and it gives a detailed three and a half minute walk-around of the smartphone placed on a desk. In addition, we have voice-over commentary in Russian that comes with English subtitles if you click the Subtitles/CC box.

We are one day closer to the launch day coming on September 9 and as each day comes we hopefully contract more insight about the specs and design for the real smartphone. This video specifies masses of information and gives an explanation about why he has the phone and how Apple came to make the new flagship mobile for 2014.

Touch ID iPhone 6

After listening to the translation, I can say that the voice of Rozetked says the iPhone 6 was presented on the web in a lot of mock-ups and dummies with drafts and was made with the same characteristic’s of what we have seen. The speaker is implying Apple employees were behind the leaks to better gauge how the world responds to what it is thinking. We cannot confirm anything until the launch coming in 5 days time, so take everything you hear with a grain of salt. However, today this is breaking news and the best we have to go on until further notice.

The English translation is difficult to understand at times because there are differences in the languages that do not allow us to read it fluently. However, we can get the substance of the conversation and that’s enough to teach us several important factors.

We learn the new Apple logo on the back cover is not illuminated or glowing, but it is made out of liquid-metal – an alloy of metals. The metal is harder to scratch than previous models and he suggests it is the “metal of the future”. Importantly, it will not corrode either. Furthermore, the shell is a one-piece uni-body that is molded together as one similar to that of a MacBook aluminium casing. The sapphire glass is more transparent and preferable to touch over the previous generations. The touch ID sensor increases in size, the ring is smaller and the overall button is similar to that one on the iPhone 5S. The FaceTime camera moves back to the side like it was on the iPhone 4 and 4S. The video claims the volume button is the same, but we know that is not true. They are in a similar position, but the design of the buttons are different and the volume icons are removed. We show you the buttons in detail here.