Rumor has it that Google are planning on bringing out an Android based gaming console to compete with the likes of Xbox and Playstation. A bold move considering the quality of the consoles we just witnessed being released by both of those companies only a few weeks ago.

If the Android console cannot match its counterparts, it may slip down to not compete with them at all. Instead, it may be viewed as a ‘casual gamers’ console and attempt to appeal to a new market all on its own, leaving the hardcore gamers to play with their latest PS4 and Xbox.

It could go the way of a win-win for the Mountain View based company which is why they might be daring to attempt the bold move. Others are viewing it as a silly one for even contemplating being able to compete with the big boys.

All of this will remain as speculation until we get an official word of what Google are planning on doing with their Android product line in the gaming world.

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