The reports we made about an Android powered gaming console were indeed true, even if not quite living up to what we had in mind when reports had it pegged as a Xbox and PlayStation rival. Things become even more comical when you take a look at the new console featured in the image below. It clearly has not been made to rival anything close to the latest hardcore gaming machines. But that isn’t what this machine is about, and like I did say yesterday, that just might not matter when assessing how successful this device may become.

One of the main problems with mobile gaming is that the controls simply suck and the screen are obviously very small. It’s amazing to see the graphic quality and also the developers that jump on board when creating mobile platform games. A big part of that is, of course, that there is a market for it, however, that market is somewhat limited and developers are always trying to find ways to extend the platform. One of the main reasons of it’s limitation issues is because it’s hard to take any game completely seriously when delving into the mobile gaming world. Most games are simply played to fill in time and often that is away from the house. The GamePop device aims to change that.

The new GamePop console will offer a mobile gaming experience to be connected to a big screen TV for a small monthly subscription price of $6.99. It comes pre-loaded with Android Jelly Bean and it has already signed up some big name developers to get in on the mix, including Fruit Ninja, Blood Brothers and 498 others, with even more soon to be announced.

As a promo, if you sign up before this Sunday, you will get the first month of the subscription free.

Update: It is now unknown if this is the gaming console, which was reported yesterday, or another project all together. That means there could be another gaming console in the works.

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