Android users have had a miserable time of it lately when it comes to new features. It seems like that trend is set to continue for the new Kit Kat Rom, which would be a huge shock — and shame — for users.

According to the Korean media today, Android 4.4 Kit Kat doesn’t really have any new mobile features on board at all. But what it does have, however, are Android TV features that are more focused on larger sized screens.

That’s about where the details end of this one for the time being. Just what kind of features will be up and running on a TV will leave people guessing for now.

The immediate thoughts wander off over to the Google TV side of things, which all-in-all was a bit of a blunder. The idea is there though, and the following was too, however, the interface and UI just didn’t work out. That seems to fit in perfectly for a potential Kit Kat break out. It is possible we see a new Google TV with the new Rom on it.

TV’s have been something the big companies have tried to concentrate on, but to no avail so far. Apple has also long been rumored to be coming out with something special on the Apple TV front, but it just hasn’t been there yet.

As we all know, there is definitely a market there if one of the companies was to nail a decent flat screen television on the head.

Google has also publicly claimed that they plan on bridging the gap between the smartphones and the smart TV’s so that they can work in unison a lot more for certain tasks.