Amazon Key for Garage is available as of today. Key for Garage is the name of Amazon’s new feature that allows for Amazon Prime members to get deliveries in their garage, so no packages need to be left unattended at the front door. To receive the deliveries you’ll need to have the Key Smart Garage Kit.

To start getting deliveries to your garage, select the “In-Garage delivery” at check out on when you’re making your purchase. Customers can always check the status of their garage door in the Key by Amazon app.

Amazon’s Key in Garage helps take the worry away from people who know they’re getting a delivery but won’t be around to accept it. It also allows them to continue getting the deliveries without them having to drive to the local post office to pick it up.

People with garage doors that also have access to the family home may want to think twice before using this service, however, or else you’ll be giving access to the person making the delivery.

Amazon Key has been around since last October. It allows Amazon deliveries to be delivered inside the front door of your home. Amazon Key for Garage expands on the original idea by allowing Amazon access to the garage only, for your added security. Existing Amazon Key users can continue getting deliveries in their front doors if they prefer.

Source: Key for Garage Available Starting Today