A Twitter user who goes by the name Doldo411 has provided us with some much needed comedy as we edge closer to the tense times of the iPhone 6 launch date coming in two weeks time. As you will know, the lead up is both exciting and petrifying as we are exposed to countless alleged leaks of what we are getting. We are having to use all our knowledge at once and put together a story on what we think is or is not the real thing that people are getting come time for the release.

So, with that said, it will only take you a few short seconds of looking at this man’s hair and face before you might come to the conclusion that what we have here is a comedy sketch and nothing more. Furthermore, don’t flood the comments box with abuse about how lame he is or wrong his information is like other online trolls with no sense of humor have done on other blogs.


In any case, we are not 100% of when the launch date for the new Apple flagship smartphone is at this stage and nobody else is either. The Cupertino company does a great job of keeping us guessing. The latest rumors that we are told have the date of the 9th of September.

The focal point this year is the increasing display size that will be closer to what we see from the Android rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC M8. No one excellent feature is listed, but we know the battery will be better and the device is thinner. The sketch pokes fun of that too, saying how the new (hot dog) is much thicker than the last. If you didn’t have your sarcastic cap on yet, then it should well and truly be kicked into gear at this stage of the video. You can view it in it’s entirety from the clip below.