Although there’s still no official word when the exact launch date will be for this year’s almighty flagship smartphone from the Apple company, we do know it will be coming out within the next few weeks. Now rumors are pointing towards September the 9th being the date, but that is not confirmed by Apple and it likely won’t be until we either see leaked invitations for the event or they decide to spill the beans on the world’s biggest secret.

We’ve seen many leaks so far and one comedy sketch comparing it with a hot dog from earlier today. That was fun, but if the three pictures that we have here is authentic then this post fast becomes much more useful to fan boys and girls around the world.

The largest problem with looking at imagery is perception. Unless we see it standing next to something we can’t get a good idea of how thick, thin, tall and short it truly is. The dimensions become extremely difficult to comprehend. However, when we have it stacked side by side with the current iPhone 5S all of a sudden we have a much greater idea of what we are getting. All assuming that the image is true, of course.

iPhone 6 on top of iPhone 5S

You should pick up immediately that the new phone is the space gray color that we know and love from previous entries in the iPhone lineup. It is one of my personal favorites so I’d be excited to see it remaining in this year’s color choices available to the public.

The iPhone 6 unconfirmed specs include iOS 8 software, a 4.7-inch display, 960 x 1704 pixels screen resolution, 416 ppi pixel density, 10 megapixel camera and the Apple A8 system chip with a processor clocked at 2600 MHz. We also have word of a new 128 GB internal storage option happening for those who never have enough space to store music files, video, pictures and more. Apple is always known as the top of the range with quality, but their flagships never include any external storage expansion option which leaves customers with no way of storing more data. Having the extra space this time will prove a favorite inclusion for many.

iPhone 6 power button

As for these photos, they show us a potential relocated power button, larger screen size, thinner body, a design change for the power button making it look more modern and rounded corners. You will also notice the old circular ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ buttons are replaced with longer, more narrow buttons without any + or – symbol.

iPhone 6 volume button

The pictures provided to us by Gizmobic don’t zoom out enough for us to see any other design elements that may give us a better idea if the handset looks the same as the previous leaks suggest. We are thinking that it does resemble the rest.