Chromecast is one of those new amazing features to add onto a TV that I wish I had a chance to use, but sadly, I have not as of yet. As soon as it was released, developers went mad on the new software and a root method was created before I even knew what it was. Just because a root method gets made doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do. Moreover, it also doesn’t mean that developers stop trying to make things simplified — because at the end of the day that creates a better world for everybody including these mods.


Yesterday, a new root method to unlock the Chromecasts potential was released. It was quickly dubbed the easiest way to root the nifty little gadget. If you have CC and want to do it, then this is the guide you want to follow as of today. The other methods available to achieve a similar result are much more difficult to do.

The developer who created this flash cast method had this to say about it:

 FlashCast is a USB image that provides a standardized way to mod your Chromecast. Think of it as a recovery, which runs off of a USB drive. No more struggling with the limitations of the GTVHacker image, which is hard to modify and can only flash the /system partition. FlashCast is based on shell scripts, so it you can use it to do anything you can do with a root shell. It also comes with a comprehensive suite of helper functions, so many tasks become much easier than they would be using a regular shell.

If you do plan on giving it a crack, there’s only one thing you want to be wary of: it will need to be running the original stock firmware for this to work.

Chrome cast was originally brought out to make your TV sets smarter and by unleashing a root for it that is nothing but a good thing.

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