The HTC ChaCha is one of those QWERTY keyboard type mobiles that Blackberry was so famous for originally. It has been around since June 2011 and since then it has seen many ways to make root access.

Just before the handsets eventual launch it was given an upgrade to have an 800MHz CPU. That helped it have more of an edge over the competition that at the time were offering similar specs. Had the ChaCha not gone up to 800 it could have resulted in fewer sales.

HTC ChaCha

We had covered about three of the guides for this phone that offered a way users can get root access before I accidentally deleted the files and now will be redoing it. Just before I had made that mistake, I found out a newer, simpler way to do it and it is by far the easiest way compared to any of the other guides we created for it. At the end of the day, it could have turned out for the better if you are reading this.

There are many new tutorials still doing the old way and not a new way that we are using here when I take a look around the web. I hope for your sake you don’t open and start doing one of theirs because it will be taking you a lot more effort.

Details of Note

  • The instructions listed below are to be used for the HTC ChaCha only and no other Smartphone or tablet. Do not try to use the Zerg Rush tool for anything else unless you have researched that it is OK. There are other devices it can be used for, but we do not have them listed here. It will need research before using or else you could end up damaging the device you have.
  • There’s a slight chance that the tool won’t work well. If you back up all your data and personal settings before starting then there won’t be any problems because if the handset does need a factory reset everything can be put back on again. If you don’t do a back up then it could end up looking like a brand new phone out of the box with no applications or contacts. Many people will prefer to backup to the external microSD, microSDHC storage options of up to 32 GB because this handset only comes with 512 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM. We want to backup text messages, call logs, contacts, apps, pictures, video and more. To get the SD cards visit the online stores like eBay or head to the nearest electronic store in your town.
  • Enable USB Debugging Mode so we can make a successful connection to the computer. Go to Menu >Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging. Mark this box as”on” to continue.
  • Temporarily disable or uninstall any security programs. Programs such as antivirus can interfere with what we are doing here and it’s a good idea to turn them off until we are finished. This won’t result in any problems on your computer or Smartphone in the meantime, as long as you remember to turn the software back on again before you start surfing the web.
  • Unlock the bootloader by heading to the HTC Developers website from this link here.

The New Method To Root The HTC ChaCha

1. As long as you have enough battery life to begin, then you will be OK to continue. As a recommendation you want about 3/4 of the battery full depending on the age of your device and how quickly it drains you will need to adjust it to your own knowledge.

2. The next thing is to enable USB debugging mode on the ChaCha.

3. Lastly, download the root tool which will do it for you here. It is the Zerg Rush tool made by DooMLoRD.

4. Open it up and run the RunMe.bat file which you can find inside. Plug the mobile into the PC and run it. This will now go ahead to root the phone for you.

Doing this on the Cha-Cha is a little less popular because it is more limited with what you can do afterwards in terms of apps and ROMs. But it is still a good device to do it with so enjoy yourself and check out some of our extras once you are finished.