When you do something that only a minority of people understand you set yourself up to be very easily ridiculed.

When I was younger one of the mentally challenging aspects I had to deal with with regards to people was being around people who publicly had me labeled as someone who didn’t work hard enough, someone who needed to try harder, someone who doesn’t deserve the respect that an average person should be shown and part of a problem in the world. None of those opinions were correct. It was a lot more just some people trying to judge something (or numerous things) that they do not understand and rather than giving the benefit of the doubt favorably they decided they knew better and would judge me negatively.


Now that I’m older one of the more mentally challenging things I have to endure is sacrificing for some of those same people over and over and over again.

There are two reasons for that longish introduction to criticism: if whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger then I am borderline indestructible, and I like to give long introductions—and there is not necessarily anything wrong with the latter.

In life, we all have our critics. We all have to spend time around people who don’t like us, deal with people who our lives would be much better if they would just disappear and be around people who want to compete with us day in and day out and aren’t happy until they have more than what we have.

There are many similarities to real life and the online world. Like life, I too have my fair share of critics online with regards to my writing—as do most writers. Conversely, I’ve received my fair share of compliments, and many of those were from other writers and people whom I admire the writing and knowledge of the English language a great deal.

If you don’t like my writing or the writing of any of the people who are associated with this website, then we aren’t holding you. Feel free to leave and never come back. You aren’t welcome to accuse me or my writers of bad work, nor are you welcome to leave abusive messages on social media, emails from the contact page or any other means of which you might feel it is necessary to voice your opinion to us directly.

As the owner of this website, I will continue to write for as long as I know I can compete with what is the benchmark for the topics that I am writing on day in and day out. I am educated enough to know the English language well enough to the extent that I know I’m good enough to do what it is that I do. Perhaps it is you who is not as well-versed in the English language as you thought you were. Perhaps it is you who is not close to being well educated enough to know how to think and when to reserve judgment, i.e., attempting to judge something that you don’t have the ability to judge.