The Windows 10 build 14328 for PC is one of the larger updates we’ve seen in Windows 10 so far. Windows Ink is now included for everyone who uses a device such as the Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 that comes with a Surface pen, allowing you to draw on the touchscreen more accurately in a similar fashion to a stylus that some other people might already be familiar with on their smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Start menu has been there since the beginning of Windows 10, but now you get some significant changes to it, as Windows developers continue to listen to feedback and try to redefine it in an effort to please more people. The new revisions to the Start menu are designed to make things more consistent between mobile devices, laptops and desktop PCs which is a tough challenge that all designers have had to face over the last five years as people continue to start browsing for content across more and more devices of different shapes and sizes.

Another highlight of this 14328 build number for Windows 10 is updates to the taskbar, in particular, the Calendar is now found just by clicking on the clock. The Calendar is an astonishingly useful tool in Windows 10 because it can store things like birthdays or your favorites sports teams schedule and then the Action center can give you a notification about when those things are happening, so it only makes sense to make it more accessible. Windows developers have done that now by including it in the system tray, not by default by with a click on the clock.

There’s also a change to the way using multiple monitors work. You used to see multiple monitors extend the taskbar, so the one taskbar is being displayed across all monitors. Now after you have installed build 14238, you have a whole taskbar separate for each monitor, plus the chance to turn it on or off from the Settings application.

Source: Windows blogs