HTC smartphones come with the exclusive Sense UI developed by HTC developers for their devices. For them, the Sense UI is the easiest and fastest launcher available, but some people (including me) are not agreeing with them, so we need something new on our devices. I know HTC developers are not going to help us with it but there are some developers who always work on making custom ROMs. In addition to make custom ROMs, they are making a fresh UI for all the devices and there are lots of custom ROMs available on internet. However, the question is which one to install on your HTC One M8? Well, this article works quite well as an answer for this question. I hand-picked some of the most valuable diamonds from the pile of dirt, just check them out.

Before installing any custom ROM on your phone you should get to now about these points:

  • First you need to root your phone and install a custom recovery after that.
  • How to install TWRP custom recovery on HTC One M8.
  • You also need to charge your phone to at least 70 % before installing any custom ROM.
  • Backup your important data before installing any custom ROM on your phone.

ViperOne M8:

Viper One M8 is like an official custom ROM for HTC smart phones with sense UI. Each and every HTC device if it’s a low-end device or a high-end device have Viper One M8 official or ported. Viper One M8 is basically made to give HTC devices a smoother and faster user experience.

HTC One M8 Viper ROM

Features: Sense 7 UI, venom hub, venom PIE, venom OTA, venom file manager, venom themeing, venom horizontal and vertical, venom kernel manager, venom button manager, venom package installer, venom three finger gesture, venom download UI.

Download Viper One M8

Candy 5 ROM:

Candy 5 is the smoothest of all the custom ROM available on internet for HTC One M8. Candy 5 custom ROM is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with some extra features like CPU control and more, also this custom ROM is highly customize-able.

Candy 5 ROM

Features: Candy interface, battery percent, wake options, 360 degree rotation, lock screen notification per app, disable ime selector, battery bar, theme engine, omni switch, wave lock blocker, custom DPI, lock screen short cuts, animations, visual improvements, all other Cyanogen Mod features.

Download Candy 5 ROM

Resurrection Remix 5.5.8:

Resurrection Remix 5.5.8 custom ROM is the simplest custom ROM with least crappy features and customization. This custom ROM just have themes on the name of customization and gives you just performance nothing else with smoother multitasking between heavy apps like high graphic games.

Resurrection Remix

Features: Navigation bar, enable/disable navigation bar, brightness switch, carrier label, carrier label switch, theme chooser, rr exclusive pitch black theme, network traffic indicator, day and time toggle and alignment choice, animations, list view animation, system animations.

Download Resurrection Remix 5.5.8

BlissPop ROM:

Bliss Pop custom ROM is another simpler custom ROM available on internet for any device. Bliss Pop also have some extra features and customization made by Team Bliss itself and these features are very useful and new. You should go for this custom ROM once to see why this custom ROM is popular over internet.

Features: double tap to sleep, home button options, left-handed mode, memory bar, clear all tasks button, slim recent window, status bar header weather, quick and smart pull down, brightness slider, slim actions tile, force expansion notification, IME animations, list view animations.

Download BlissPop ROM

InsertCoin M8:

InsertCoin custom ROM is very basic custom ROM base on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop sources with all the basic features of it with some custom features made by them. InsertCoin M8 have custom kernel to give you a faster and smoother multitasking on your smart phone.

InsertCoin HTC One M8 ROM

Features: Sense 7 UI, more languages installed, sysro,sysrw binaries, persistent ADB enabled, battery life, performance and memory improvements, trimmed partition for improved performance, zip aligned apps for improved performance, fast fixes updates, insert coin control.

Download InsertCoin M8 ROM

Android Revolution HD:

Android Revolution HD ROM is best for you if you are app freaky or game freaky because this custom ROM empties a big amount of RAM for better performance. Lots of developers gave a positive feedback for this custom ROM and found this custom ROM smoother than the stock one.

Android Revolution HD

Features: removed software CPU rendering, data, cach and system partitions, all/data application, disabled kernel debugging for better performance, zip aligned (improved RAM management), bloatware application removed, speed optimization, unsecured boot.img.

Download Android Revolution HD

LeeDroid One M8 S7:

Lee Droid One is Android 5.0.X Lollipop based with no gimmick and no crappy apps or features, just the same M8 Sense 7 UI. Lee Droid features Sense 7 Theme engine with stock HTC kernel for same performance and stability on your M8 with this custom ROM.


Features: Android 5.0.2 Lollipop based, stock HTC kernel, sense 7 theme engine, busy box installed, insecure boot img, bash and nano shell support, HTC app removed, Google app removed, stock nav bar options, H/K audio, enable.disable APM. traffic indicator, tap the clock for wold clock.

Download LeeDroid One M8 S7 ROM

VRToxin v1.0:

VRToxin is the first custom ROM to offer you the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your HTC One M8. VRToxin custom ROM is based on Android 6.0 early builds that’s why it don’t have some features available for now but don’t worry still this custom ROM is daily driver.

VRToxin Android Project

Features: Android 6.0 based, lock screen customization, CPU tweak in settings menu to customize the performance, lock screen shortcuts, better battery performance, fast and smooth multitasking, multi-window enabled, screen pinning and custom notification bar background.

Download VRToxin custom ROM


If you want to give your phone a very new and fresh look then you should try this custom ROM for at least one on your HTC One M8. MIUI is more like i OS except that this is an Android device and you can customize it with hundreds of MIUI themes available on theme store.

Features: Removed Chinese apps, transparent navigation bar on launcher, sense gallery, smaller nav bar, sense photo editor, switched color iPhone style, motion launch, busy box installed, rooted, sysro, sysrw, disabled scrooling cache, RD control panel for performance boosting.

Download MIUI V7

All the custom ROMs are performance filled and fast UI so you can choose any one of them for performance but if you want just the customization and user interface then you should ignore some of them and i know you are intelligent enough to know which one to ignore.

If you found any custom ROM you are using or anywhere on internet which is not listed here then notify us about it, I’ll try to add them also on this list.