While it isn’t our thoughts on the matter, many people around the world have stated their displeasure in what they call “high” smart watch price tags that have come.

If you ask us, paying a slightly higher amount for a smart watch than what you would for the normal one that just has two hands and a second ticker isn’t a bad deal at all, but none-the-less people have complained about it.

That usually means one of two things is going to happen: The product will eventually fold because of poor sales, or the company that makes them will come out and produce something more that suits the shopper needs.

The latter is what wearable tech maker Archos has done after they revealed three entirely new smart watches to the world yesterday. The cheapest of these will be $50 and the most expensive one will be at $130. The highest out of the three others comes in at around half the price of what we have come to know as a traditional retail price so far.

The problem is that you always get what you pay for. That won’t miraculously change here either, so as you can expect, they don’t look fantastic at all. Still, money talks, and if people can get something for the right price, it just might be a success story.

They still should offer a similar amount of features like the notifications being able to come in connecting from either Android and iOS.

Via: Apple Insider