Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean has just done the rounds to many of the Sony mobile range, including the likes of the Acro S, SL and S devices. This update has the build number of 6.2.B.1.96.

This update is being rolled out to places across Europe and parts of Asia. Some of the countries which have been reported as receiving it are Spain, UK, India and Taiwan. It will continue spreading to at least a few more in the coming days. As usual, these updates can feel like they are being released slower than snails which prompts many to update manually instead. If you want the file it will soon be released officially by Sony.

What does this edition bring?

It has some big bug fixes and improvements as well as new features inside — starting with the home button as soon as you reboot the mobile. Use it to gain access to the all new Google Now feature which will also be included. If you haven’t tried out Google Now yet, then you should get cracking!

Something which many owners will love is the new battery adjustment feature which is now added. This allows people to choose which mode to select, which in turn, will drain your battery accordingly. Kind of like what you would expect from an aftermarket app. As time goes by, these two platforms do seem to be getting more and closer together, so that shouldn’t come as a real surprise.

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