If you are the possessor of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 i8160 mobile phone, Samsung has just authorized a firmware update which will boost the ROM up to 4.1.2 jelly bean XXMF1. This is an official firmware upgrade for those in certain parts of the world where it is obtained through the settings. For others, you will need to download it manually from the direct link below.

The main thing that got everyone talking about this particular version is of course the Google Now. Google Now is the personal assistant for Android, which Google intended as the next big thing. It rivals the Siri voice for the Apple iPhone. For the most part, people using Android have enjoyed it, but it still takes some adjusting to do with talking to a phone. Many find it hard to do that in public. If you get a chance to take a look at it, we recommend that you do. It really does have a lot to offer, and once you get used to having it in the pocket it is very useful indeed. Google was so impressed by this that they even included the widget from the lock screen so users have instant access to it. Since I’m writing this now I can fill you in on the fact that it is now changed. The big “G” decided it wasn’t a great place to have it, and it has made to the normally app location. That’s not to say that it doesn’t look good there though, so if you like what you see then it might be a good idea to hold off from upgrading again, or at least check out something like KitKat instead.

  • Use the Helium app for backing up everything, including the applications. If you haven’t managed to download helium yet, then use the internal storage SD card. This is in the back of the handset. A great inclusion in the Galaxy range, it lets you back up very easy. It can also be accompanied by a SD card reader. When you have the two of them then it’s possible to keep everything stored on a Mac or Windows computer. It’s not only restricted to the Microsoft Windows like so many other Android things are.
  • That’s really all that attracted users in terms of features.
  • Because this is the official firmware you will lose all things which have been installed as aftermarket or custom, including the likes of roots access and custom recoveries.
  • Make sure you have the Samsung USB drivers. Without this you may experience some connection problems. Enable USB Debugging Mode from the Developer Options menu.
  • The stock firmware will not take away the remaining warranty, but it will revoke any root access previously applied.

How To Manually Upgrade The Galaxy Ace 2 to official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XXMF1 Firmware

Step 1. Hit up the host file to grab the firmware file. Also have Odin 3.07 handy. If you don’t have it is found from many areas on this site.

Step 2. Boot the Galaxy Ace up into download mode.

Step 3. Run Odin on to Windows PC and then connects the Ace to the computer with the USB cable. It will be confirmed as added by Odin.

Step 4. Inside Odin upload the updated firmware file to the PDA button.

Ensure re-partition option and the F. Reset time options are checked in the box.

Click the start button to begin the flashing process.

Be on the lookout for a pass message appearing inside Odin once it is complete. Wait for the phone to reboot and then disconnect it from the computer. That’s it you’re done!

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