Arguably the greatest TV show of all time, Breaking Bad, came to an end last year and that time was far too soon for countless people. However, the director reinstated his belief that the show would only get worse the more it dragged on, therefore he wanted to end it sooner and not later. Anyhow, if you love the Breaking Bad television series lasting five seasons starring Walter White and Jessie Pinkman, then you might want to download the breaking bad theme for Xperia devices. The theme works like other themes with custom ROMs where it changes the default look of the Android OS that comes with the software version you are on. Themes are one of the most popular reasons for choosing to customize a smartphone and tablet by opening it up and unlocking the internal system. After we unchain the OS with root access we can install custom recovery images and custom ROMs. You must have a custom recovery such as Super User installed and root access before you can install this Breaking Bad theme. You must install the deodexed ROM to find this working on your device if you don’t want to install Super User.

Breaking Bad theme

You can visit the official XDA Developers thread here where the OP Viktor Zelenay posted his first efforts. Keep in mind that this is his original work so give him thanks on the thanks meter. Additionally, one user is asking for a boot animation and he is working in delivering that in a future update. You can find the working boot animation from this link. Download the official APK direct from here.

If you are installing the APK file you know the drill: Download the breaking_bad1.1.apk to the desktop of the computer and transfer it over to the phones SD card. Firstly, you must install a file manager for Android devices such as Open Manager and enable the “unknown sources” option from the phone. Now find the file that’s on the SD card and tap the “Open App manager” option. Follow the on-screen instructions for installing the rest of the way.