Even though fans of the NFL spent most of last year, arguing if Tim Tebow did or did not have what it takes to be a serious quarterback featured in the NFL as a starter, Tim never took himself too seriously through it all. He still remains without a job in the American football league today, and that could be one of the reasons why he was seen during today’s Superbowl in a light-hearted advertisement.

With or without his talents, he managed to develop such a strong following from fans that his face remains a strong marketing campaign for companies. One of those so far has proven to be phone carrier T-Mobile.

T-Mobile was the ones who made the television commercial, paying 4 million dollars for it to appear during the last big game of the season. Now they are offering fans a chance to win one of five digital posters featuring Tim Tebow.

To enter the draw all you need to do is follow the source link that I have provided below, which will send you over to the official website. Fill out the forms and wait for a message to see if you were lucky enough to win.

Each one of the five is unique and completely different, and one of them is even paying him out as being on a “no contract tour,” so some of the fans may want to miss that on purpose.

Via: T-Mobile