Verizon, one of my personal favorite mobile carriers mainly because of the logo, is no stranger to being late on the scene when it comes to releasing mobiles. They quickly turn that around by also being very reliable when it comes to releasing mobiles. Like them or love them, these two things could go together.

With the Samsung Galaxy s4 being available from several carriers for some time now, the Verizon version wasn’t expected to arrive just yet. Instead, keeping their fashionably late tag intact.

All that changed earlier today when it was announced that Verizon would be releasing their own version of the Galaxy S4 on the 23rd of May, this month.

This news is great on several accounts. The first is if you were waiting for the Verizon version, obviously it will be here sooner than expected. And the second reason is that this means there will be no more carriers bringing out the Galaxy S4. That means we can expect to see an unlocked version released as soon as the Verizon version comes out. There should be no hold up as the unlock method has already been made. It just has not been released because of the last model not yet on the shelves.

As soon as the unlocked Galaxy S4 comes out, we will post the method on how to get it done.

(>source: Android Authority)

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