The HTC First, otherwise known as the Facebook phone, could already be seeing its last days on earth.

There were many reports of Facebook bringing out their very own smart phone. The reports went on for a long time, as people waited eagerly for the device to be released. Reports were never confirmed, however, so there was no hard feeling against Facebook on the delay.

As we so often see in the new-age times, things around the rumor mill generally have at least one element of truth to them. It’s hard to completely ignore a rumor as false when it comes to the technology sector. It’s just one of the downsides of companies that produce such great new hardware.

Last month the rumor was finally put to the rest when the Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones released the HTC First. This phone was called the Facebook phone. Being called the HTC First had many people bemused. Why isn’t it called the Facebook phone, or why didn’t Facebook take more ownership? Those questions may now be seeing some answers.

After being released for less than a month from today, the Facebook phone price dropped to 99 cents from selected retailers. It was called a promotional stunt, but it doesn’t take Einstein here to know that the new device was struggling. To what extent it was struggling was still a good question, though.

Now, only a few days later, the Facebook phone is apparently heading to extinction according to the rumor mill. The reason being is that AT&T are planning on cutting their losses and giving up.

If the rumors are true, it will be a sad day for the Facebook team. Not nearly as sad as it would have been if it actually was released under its own name and not the smartphone we are talking about here.

As it is, many people would not even know that the HTC First was the Facebook phone. For them, the Facebook phone never existed.

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