Today we have witnessed a press render for a Red 2014 HTC flagship smartphone, the M8. There’s no doubt that the traditional gray looks like the handset that will sell more, and rightfully so because it is better. But those looking to be a bit more adventurous and lash out on something that isn’t the standard colour of gray, black or white can treat themselves to a red M8 if this leak turns out to be true that sent into Evleaks.

Evleaks have an outstanding track record, to say the least, but this one truly will be a wait and see approach because the image presented is the standard press render issued in red. That means that anybody could have just opened up photoshop and gone to town to create this one. That is not to say that they did though, and if you want my opinion it is that it will be the truth before too long. I cannot remember the last time we took a leak from them and it was wrong. Furthermore, we saw a red edition to the M7 and we know that is last years HTC flagship for 2013.

HTC One M8 Red

Other than the color this phone is not expected to have any other differences to it including specs than the original. If you have forgotten, the M8 has been given positive views from across the board and has been praised for its new camera technology that offers a second lens on the back plate that lets users edit photos after the shot. It also carries a physical size of 5.0 inches, has a good pixel density of 441 ppi, comes with a brand new Sense 6.0 and Android 4.4 KitKat. In addition to this, there is an IPS LCD with a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Other notable features to do with the display include the light sensor, proximity sensor and a multi-touch touchscreen.

Arguably the most disappointing aspect to this phone was its four megapixel camera that the former High-Tech Computer Corporation was trying to fool us all by calling it “ultra pixel” instead. As it turns out it is as poor as we first though and doesn’t offer the same quality as the Galaxy S5. The camera overall is fairly sophisticated, however, with an auto-focus, Back-illuminated sensor, Digital image stabilization and even smile detection to perfect the shots automatically so you do not miss out on that perfect smile by a few milliseconds.

The system chip keeps up with today’s standard with a Snapdragon 801 combined with a Quad core, 2300 MHz, Krait 400 processor. Equally as impressive is its 2048 MB RAM.

If you are thinking of buying one of these handsets, it is hard not to promote because we do like it. However, proceed with caution because we have seen the Quah HD screen rumors surface as true with AU Optronics debuting the QD AMOLED panel and this could mean the prime S5 rumors turn out to be true. If so these current Snapdragon 801 chipsets will be updated within the next few months.