A new software update with the build number VS98523A is rolling out over the air live for the Verizon variant of the LG G3 smartphone in the United States. The Big Red is trickling this one out at different times for all owners, so some of you will have the system update notification ready and waiting while others won’t see the VS98523A build still for days or sometimes even weeks.

Even though many devices found the original 5.0 Lollipop coming their way, this version marks the second phases of the software update. That means the Verizon subscribers will still get all the same features the other device owners found in the 5.0 build, plus they’ll be getting some extra bug fixes and performance enhancements. It’s a small consolation prize for having to wait longer than the other guys.

Android Lollipop

Since no Verizon subscriber of the LG G3 smartphones has seen any Lollipop yet, let me remind you that it comes with a ton of amazing features including material design in the user interface and app drawer, Android RunTime overtakes the old Dalvik system, tap and go NFC payments make an entry and there’s still heaps more worth noting. Some of the highlights include Android Beam, battery saver mode, smart notifications, notifications on the lock screen, screen pinning, multiple device sharing, multiple device compatibility and still more. Don’t forget to check out the Flappy Bird rip-off Easter Egg inside by tapping on the build number. All of the same features were available for other devices in the original 5.0 update. Now you guys will have all the same, plus a smoother and faster ROM with many of the pre-existing bugs wiped off.

As I said before, the notification of the system update is coming automatically, which means you’ll see it become available from the device’s display when it’s ready. Just tap the ‘download’ and ‘install now’ options from the display and you should have the latest version downloading.

Need I remind you that this is a major software update to the Android system which comes at around 600 MB in size. That’s large enough to want to skip the mobile data plan and download this using a stable home WiFi connection. You’ll find that most modern-day smartphone carrier networks recommend the same anyway, so you stay off the network and away from the heavy traffic.

You can reach out to us in the comments about this Lollipop update for your LG G3 and tell us what you think. Is it everything you were hoping? How do you like the new material design UI? You should find loads of applications already compatible at this stage to check out the design.