A new software update namely 4.10.605.3 for HTC One M7 owners on the Verizon network will be coming in as a notification over the next couple of weeks starting today. The update brings in the Sense 6.0 — the same one that came brand new with the newer M8 model of the HTC flagship. The M8 of course being only a few months old and new to 2014 while the M7 was the very first model number of the HTC One flagship era that debuted in 2013.

Thankfully the developers who partook in this project did release a changelog to coincide with the announcement and you can view that in its entirety from this link.
HTC One M7

On the page, you will see that there is a lot more to this new build that has the baseband of than just Sense 6.0. The popular Blinkfeed feature that is the other UI and OS change HTC make to adjust the standard Android ecosystem has been updated with some improvements also. Users will notice Blinkfeed looking slightly different because of it’s tweaked UI, plus the addition of several features including the ability to add and remove content and added support for social media sites so that people can share more content and make more page views. It’s not all just about boosting HTC’s status though as many users friends will get added enjoyment out of the new options available.

Being over a year old now people have been experiencing many bugs. A lot of those will be addressed in this version so if you have been experiencing an issue with the software installing this new OTA release might be just what you need to be running smoothly again. Some people send their smartphones away to the manufacturers mistakenly thinking that there is a problem with the hardware when, in fact, it is the software freezing on them.

However, without a doubt the main attraction here is the new Sense 6.0 that does enough in its own right to give better performance. There’s also the continuous scrolling function that means when you drag your finger down it will automatically pull up new content instead of you having to tap your finger to see another page. Some people love it and others are a bit jerky with it. I personally find it a little agitating knowing that it is never going to stop. That’s just me though and I’m sure you guys will love it. Also inside is a new drop down box for quick content changes.

The original One came out with Android 4.1.2 that was equipped with Sense 5.0 UI. With that in mind, this edition is going to be a welcomed surprise even though they were already on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat build. In between those two OTA’s I just mentioned where of course the Android 4.4.2 and 4.3 Jelly Bean software installments. It goes without saying that most users will already be familiar with the updating process considering they have already been through all of those. However, just in case you need a refresher, navigate your way to Settings > Phone update > Check for update and see if yours is ready to go. If not it could be as little as a week before we see most devices be equipped.

Those of you who like to do things by the book should always backup the smartphone before starting. With official firmware, it is not expected that you lose data. However, there is no guarantees that come with this and on the very rare occasion things can go wrong. If you use the phone for work or it has important information that can’t be lost it is a good idea to backup. There’re many ways to backup to available internal memory including Titanium, Helium and My Backup. This handset came with 64 GB of built-in storage and no expansion Micro SD card so if you are out of space you have to delete existing data.

Rooted users will need to go back to stock recovery from the custom recovery in order to receive anything over the air. Alternatively you can wait for the manual option to become available.

Make sure you battery is charged at least 50% before attempting to start the download. You do not want the device shutting down mid-operation.