T-Mobile subscribers owning the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 LTE ought to keep their eyes peeled for a new software update notification coming in over the air. The new build number for the update is UVU1BNK4. You can choose to “download” and “install now” from the option on your device display, or you can put it on hold for a later date. If you are not around a WiFi network we suggest putting it on hold and waiting to install the file when you are off the mobile data. Mobile data comes with the usual data fees and because the network is busy with people finding the same software update as you, it comes with high traffic.

The new T-Mobile UVU1BNK4 firmware comes with software stability and not much else. You can view the change-log from this page. As you can see, there’s a great deal on the list for preparing your update and not much on the contents. It does tell us that the file size is under 15 MB. That means it doesn’t come with any features. It will come with bug fixes and create a faster ROM experience. If you are experiencing any bugs when using your phone it’s a good idea to update to the Baseband version T337TUVU1BNK4 as soon as you can.

Tab 4 8.0

Android 4.4.4 KitKat typically doesn’t come with many features as most were patched in the earlier Android 4.4.2 update. The 4.4.2 update comes with wireless printing, new Emoji faces, full screen album art from the lock screen, immersive mode and a new location menu. The main Android 4.4.4 comes with a revamped phone dialer and Google security patches for the Open SSL bug. However, Tab 4 owners already have that and are witnessing a minor upgrade to fix other known bugs in the system this time.

It likely means we are drawing to an end of KitKat and owners will find the next notification as the Android 5.0 Lollipop. That is one you don’t want to miss as it comes with new Material Design user interface, Material Design in the app drawer, smart notification offering a variety of changes and much more.

Make sure you take advantage of the T-Mobile change-log notes on how to use your devices for installing the latest baseband version. Phone carriers don’t usually give such detailed descriptions. You also get a full list on how to update using Samsung Kies and a computer.

Furthermore, we are creating a how-to guide on how to install the same file manually for those with root access who can’t install OTA’s. Remember don’t accept the OTA notification if you have root access. That applies to those who still do see the notification. Sometimes they do appear but rarely is it ever smart to click the buttons. Instead you should use the manual installation guide.

The new build takes over from the earlier T337TUVU1BNI8 baseband version. If you are running the one I just mentioned you will find the system Message alerting you in the coming days. All OTA’s roll out in periods to owners. That means some have already begun finding the alert while others can wait for days. We don’t expect it to takes weeks to find everyone because it’s not a global release. Carrier specific updates usually finish quicker since there are fewer customers.

If you fear your device is missing out on the OTA you can install the same manually here.