When we see the jump to iOS 7, many people attempt to use their apps right away and immediately point the finger on the new firmware as being bug riddled and filled with issues, ultimately leading them to disliking it and wanting to go backwards and downgrade to the older version that they used to be on.

While it does have something to do with the apps, the main issue here is the applications have not been submitted for the iOS 7 and are not yet compatible. This is what causes the problems.

As the days roll on, more and more of the apps get certified and will then be fine to use. That process can take a long time, though, and as we can see, it wasn’t until today that three very nifty one’s finally got the green light.

Podcasts, Trailers and Find my iPhone have all now been updated to suit the latest Apple workings, and as such, we can expect nothing but smooth performances when using them.

All three of these apps are developed and put together separately, but have joined up as being ready on the same day.

The only one to receive any kind of bump in features to go along with compatibility is the Podcasts. It now comes with a redesigned front — which is pictured — plus a bunch of new things to play with like Instacast and Overcast.

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