There’s a few of these types of remote desktop apps floating around, the most common one being Team Viewer. However, the big companies often like to carry out their own native versions of the same thing, even when they are harder to use.

The app lets you control your PC from the Smartphone running iOS or any version of Android. Previously it would be desktop to desktop compatible only. The only catch being that you will need to have the settings enabled from inside of the Windows computer for it to work.

We’ve also seen similar things come out for torrent clients where users can jump on their handsets and stop or start a download that may have been happening on back at the their homes on the big computer, so there was no reason why something like a remote desktop app couldn’t be created. It was more just a matter of when it was going to get done.

The Microsoft remote desktop app will be made available for iOS and Android handsets. Funnily enough, they won’t be making a version for their own Windows Phone’s just yet. A good example of how much business dictates the world to a tee. Because there are more people using the other two operating systems, Microsoft has decided to put them first. Presumably there will be one of the Lumia range at least some time in the near future.

The point of it is to be able to get inside of other people’s computers, and your own, remotely when you otherwise wouldn’t be there to do it. Once you have the connection made, the screen you want to be inside of will appear on your mobile or tablet device and you can use the screen you’re looking at exactly like you would be able to if you were actually there in person.

Don’t get too spooked, though, if it is a stranger inside of your PC because as long as you are in front of it, you can control when they exit the program.

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