The Galaxy S4 Zoom is another brand new device that Samsung launched recently. This device is for those looking for a fantastic camera attached to the rear end of their smartphones. A theory that could revolutionize the way we see cameras made in the future. It could also spell tough times for plain and simple digital cameras. If you do own one of the aforementioned devices, we would love to discover your experience with it so far. If you wish to do so, drop us a comment.

This device is brand new and originates with the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean straight out of the box. That means it is likely to have a few bugs in the firmware. This firmware update that Samsung had just released will be the solution to many of those.

Just because this is the same amount used as many other handsets doesn’t mean you know what it is. There is always a small difference in features and what it can do compared to other methods. The things we will run through now will show you precisely what you can look forward to for this powerful camera phone.

One of the most well-known places for men and women to look through is the messages section. After you have finished installing this particular bit of software, you will see a fresh layout inside of there.

The lens has an X 10 optical zoom and there is no other phone out in the market to do that. Many people prefer to call this one more of a camera that manages to double back nicely as a phone, rather than the other way around because of what it is capable of in terms of photos.

Because photos are its main purpose, the internal Micro SD card slot is something you are going to want to be very familiar with. We highly recommend that you also go out and pick up an SD card reader for this handset, Your local electronics store should have them. Ask the personality behind the counter for help. Once you have this reader, you can then back up all of your Zoom’s contents on a computer. The photos can also be put inside folders for backup. You can also back up everything else that is on the phone.

The Zoom product is nowhere near as possible as the usual Galaxy S4. It does have most of the same things, though, so if you want a detailed review jump on YouTube and look at how this firmware version runs on a standard phone. You should have no quandary finding at least 10 full detailed video clips that range anywhere from a few moments to over ten minutes in pure talking so you get to know what you’ve got.

Since the date of this guide’s release, there has been a newer version of Odin released to the public. That isn’t your concern with this one though. Because this was made earlier, we continue using the same Odin that was made in this period. Once we begin using the new stuff, then it will be time for us to upgrade. You don’t have to do anything there. The link should change automatically for the tutorials that are made in the future.


  • Samsung Galaxy USB drivers. Sammy have done an excellent job at making the drivers as universal as possible. Now we can use the same driver for all mobile phones. However, as time goes on they are updated.
  • USB debugging has already been switched over to “enabled.” You can access the USB Debugging Mode by visiting the Develop Options area from the Setting’s menu.
  • The installation guide uses a nifty tool named Odin. The tool is developed by Samsung and for unknown reasons they only cater for people using Microsoft Windows-based PCs. That means you need a Windows OS ranging from Windows XP through to the advanced Windows 8 to get it working. It cannot work on Mac OS X or Linux.
  • If you want to store the data long term, I recommend using the C: Drive when allocating a place to save the files. Storing files on the desktop if you don’t plan on deleting them the same day is not a good idea because they create a slower loading desktop. Prepare to wait longer for the computer to boot if you keep documents and files here.
  • Disable security applications and security programs on both devices so we don’t get any unwanted interference during the guide.
  • Don’t start unless you took the time to make complete backups of contacts, call logs, SMS and MMS texts, music, photo and video files stored on the memory. Because it is a Sammy device it does connect with Samsung Kies if you want to use Kies to sync the contacts. It obviously runs Android and can sync with the Google account too. If you want to backup the market apps, we recommend using an app called Helium to point you in the right direction. Helium is a free download available from the Google Play store. Alternatively you can use Google Drive to store extra data up to 15 GB for free.
  • The Zoom comes with USB charging standard so when it plug into the PC system unit it will start charging the battery through the wire. We are connecting to a PC for the whole guide just about so there ‘re no worries there unless you know the charging feature doesn’t work for you. Make sure, you have a satisfactory volume of battery power left before you start so the smartphone does not shut down during the guide if it isn’t working for you.

The Specs:



Version: 4.2.2

Update The Samsung galaxy S4 Zoom With Android 4.2.2 XXUAMFB Jelly Bean Official Firmware

1. Download the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean XXUAMFB, followed by the Odin 3.07. Extract both of the files to the desktop of the computer.

2. Power down the device and boot it up into download mode. Press and hold the Power + Home + Volume down buttons at the same time and continue pressing them in until the screen changes.

3. Open the ODIN up which we downloaded earlier. Have it ready on the desktop

4. Connect the Zoom to a computer via a USB cable supplied. Most use the USB cable as part of the phone charger every day. if you can’t find yours try checking the charger!

5. Go to Odin and via the PDA tab upload the file you have downloaded already.

6. Leave all options as default. Odin has Auto Reboot and F Reset Time options checked automatically. Leave those two options the way they are and make sure the re-partition option is not marked.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that this Smartphone was launched along with the S4 mini and Active back in May of this year? Samsung hasn’t been great at keeping secrets for a while now and this information also leaked about a month before it came out officially. The following month in June it was then spotted at the FCC event. AT&T were selling this one for a really good price of $200 on contract. You still have a contract, but even still it was one of the best deals going around. That amount should have dropped a lot by the time you are reading this though.