This guide is for experienced users. However, you can send us a message if there is anything you don’t understand how to do and we’ll help.

Update To CyanogenMod 10.1 For HTC One

Step 1. Power down the HTC One and boot it back up in recovery mode. Inside recovery mode, perform a Nandroid backup. You don’t have to do this, but we highly recommend backing up your device in case anything were to go wrong during this procedure. To back up the device navigate to back up and restore inside recovery and then press back up.

Step 2. Go ahead and download the CyanogenMod and the Google apps for the HTC One device from here. You must be using a Windows PC to do this guide.

Step 3. Get both of the zip files and copy them to your internal memory.

Step 4. Now grab the Flash_Boot zip. If you have trouble opening zips and don’t want to pay for Winzip there is a free open-source zip file opener called 7 zip. I use this myself and it works like a charm. I’d even go so far as to say I preferred 7 zip over my time spent with Win zip.

Step 5. Unzip the Flash_boot zip (fastboot) to the C drive. Also unzip the ROM zip from step 2 and also put boot.img from in there to the Flash_boot (fastboot) folder. This should give you 5 files all together in fastboot. 4 from the unzipped flash_boot and 1 boot.img from the unzipped ROM.

Step 6. Now power down the HTC One.

Step 7. Power up the HTC One again, but this time load it into fastboot.

Step 8. Ensuring the device is in fastboot mode already, plug the HTC One into the computer using the USB cable supplied.

Step 9. Open the Flash_boot fastboot folder and run the  flash-boot-windows.bat file. We do this because it will now install the boot.img file. Wait until it has finished.

Step 10. Disconnect the HTC One from the computer and choose HBOOT. From HBOOT select recovery to put your device into recovery.

Step 11. Now it’s time to do the traditional wiping of the device. From inside recovery select wipe data/factory reset and also wipe dalvik cache functions. When you are finished navigate back to the main menu.

Step 12. Now we have to locate the new ROM we downloaded earlier. To do this select Install Zip from SD Card,l followed by the Choose Zip from SD Card to find it. Confirm the download when you see it.

Step 13. Now you have to install the Google apps package. Repeat the process above in step 12 for this, but this time locate the Google apps instead.

Step 14. Navigate back to the main menu once both files are downloaded and select reboot system now. Upon the reboot you will have the CyanogenMod 10.1 for the HTC One update.