The Galaxy Ace 3 has just started receiving the XXUAMF3 update. All of the models, including the 3G, LTE and GT variants come with the S7270 badge. No matter which mobile you have, you can upgrade it with the package listed below.

Initial reports have the device ranked very highly, many giving it a 9 out of 10 when reviewing it. Keeping in mind, the ranking will be for other phones within its class. Still, that puts it in good company, and the long list of Samsung Galaxy quality devices, looks like continuing for the foreseeable future.

This phone has been eagerly awaited by lots of people in Europe. Many places don’t even have this device yet, but for those that do, you should look to update it so that you can get rid of the known bugs and performance issues. It came pre-loaded with the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, but this XXUAMF3 firmware version is a new version on top of that which was developed to improve the firmware.

It has rolled out to places like Russia over the air, so if you are there, you may have been lucky enough to receive this update straight into your setting panel.

If you are new to upgrading your firmware by hand, please understand that this will wipe any sort of customization you were running. This includes things like root access, custom ROM’s etc. It is possible to re-install usually, however, you may want to research that before continuing. Now that we have that taken care of, below will give you access to things, you will need to install this upgrade.

Give yourself adequate battery life so that you don’t run into any problems before the device manages to finish.

What you should have:

– Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 S7270 USB drivers.

– USB debugging mode enabled.

The guide:

1. Download the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean XXUAMF3 firmware and the Odin 3.07. Extract the contents to the desktop of the computer.

2. Power down the mobile and boot it up into download mode.

3. Open up the ODIN you have downloaded, ensuring you are running as an admin.

4. Now from the other package we download, you will need to click on the following places located inside ODIN and upload the correct files in the right positions.

Upload the code file to the second button called a PDA.

Below that is the Phone button, where the modem file needs to go.

Next is the CSC button where the CSC file needs to be uploaded.

This next one we saved for last because it is a little more difficult. Go back to the first button called pit and find the pit file. If it isn’t there, forget about it.

If you did find it, however, then you also need to look across to the left side of Odin. Here are some more little check boxes. Check the one called re-partition with a mark.

Press the start button inside ODIN to begin the flashing and you’re done. The phone will reboot when it’s complete and the new XXUAMF3 firmware will be on.

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