The Android 5.0 Lollipop update is now live for T-Mobile HTC One M7. T-Mobile is the first to offer this update on HTC One M7. You probably do not know this is not a full-fledged OTA update release so your phone might get this update after some time. But if you are an impatient man as me then this article is for you! Today I’ll tell you how to update your HTC One M7 now. So stay tuned and read the article and steps, do not skip anything.

First of all this all of this update procedure is official and not at all risky. We are going to update your phone using RUU. The RUU is a ROM Update Utility for your HTC device which can update your phone without any hassle. This update utility is made by some of the developers in XDA developers so this is tested and working fine with other HTC One M7 users so you should also try this. Although this process is not recommended by Google or HTC but after updating your phone using this utility, your phone will not lose its warranty or anything so don’t worry about it.

HTC One M7

I want to tell you that if your phone is already rooted or something, then you will never get any notification for this update, that’s why this RUU is made for. Using this utility you can update your phone to Android 5.0 Lollipop even your phone is rooted, but it won’t work if your phone has any custom ROM installed on it. So better go back to stock ROM on your phone before installing this update. Your phone will also lose root access after this update, but don’t worry, you can gain root your device after this update process.

Now let me tell you about Android 5.0 Lollipop. You are about to experience a very good-looking and fast OS ever built be Google. Google built this OS different from the earlier versions. Google is also filling this OS with some great features like heads up notifications, adaptive display, search settings, pin apps, improved notification bar, do not disturb option, battery saver mode, lock screen notifications and much more. So don’t wait to just pick up your phone and get ready to experience all this feature on your HTC One M7.

Now for preparations you need a Windows-based PC not Mac or Linux because RUU utility is only made to work on Windows. You need a USB cable better if it is original that came with your phone. Make sure your PC don’t have any kind of antivirus or anti malware installed, if it does turn them off temporarily so they do not interfere the update process because if this happens your phone might get bricked. Take your phone and enable USB debugging option on it by going to settings > about phone > tap on Build Number 7 times, now come back to settings > Developer options > enable USB debugging option. Also charge your phone’s battery to 75% to get round any kind of auto shut down of your phone lacking battery charge because this can brick your device.

Take care that this guide is only for T-Mobile HTC One M7 device only, so don’t blame us if you broke your device using this process on any other device.

Enough reading, now get into action pick up all the tools and get ready to roll.

Steps to Manually Install Android 5.0 Lollipop Update on HTC One M7

  1. Download RUU package from here and save it on desktop (for convenience).
  2. Plug your phone to the PC using USB cable.
  3. Launch RUU executable file on your PC and follow what it says.
  4. IF RUU is not able to detect your phone, then better unplug it and reboot it to bootloader mode and then again plug it to PC.
  5. Now follow the prompts on RUU.

After some time your phone will boot into the very new Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. This process is also very useful for the bricked HTC One M7, you can bring back his life using this.

So have fun with Lollipop and share this article among your friends so they can also update their HTC.