T-Mobile subscribers using the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are witnessing a new over the air update arrive as a notification. The new software update, namely N900TUVUDNF4 will modernize your software to a fresh version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat that you haven’t seen before.

T-Mobile is a US-based phone carrier so obviously don’t expect to find this rolling out OTA anywhere else in the world. However, by installing the file by taking manual action you can have the same firmware running anywhere around the world. that is one of the reason grabbing the file from a guide such as this is so popular. Other reasons include running a Custom ROM with root access. Root does not allow OTA notifications because the signal is interrupted; therefore, it is impossible to get the update unless you install them yourself.

T-Mobile Note 3 black

The new software brings network improvements with it on the VoLTE. Those of you familiar with the LTE service should know that VoLTE offers faster calls and better clarity for voices. It follows up from the long list of goodies found inside earlier 4.4.2 updates including white status bar icons, full screen album art and full screen album art on the lock screen. In addition to that there’s color Emoji faces, a new landscape keyboard, updates to the Easter Eggs, immersive mode, transparent navigation bar and more. Arguably the most impressive aspect is the all white status bar that brings white WiFi, signal strength and battery bars to better suit the overall KitKat feel. ironically, the chocolate we all know and love is predominantly black, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the reason the Mountain View company decided for the change.

  • Do not start using the guide until you verify the model number is SM-N900T. Tap the settings followed by ‘About Device’ to check the number. Moreover, those of you who prefer to wait for the automatic installation method can navigate to Settings > More > System manager > About device > Software update > Check for software updates and view it that way. Once it comes in as a notification once, it will not show itself again.
  • Install the Samsung USB Drivers after you download them. Visit the Develop Options by tapping the Settings menu and enable USB Debugging Mode too. Some people prefer to install the Drivers along with Samsung Kies. However, if you are using Kies please temporarily disable it before starting the steps.
  • If you have the device unchained and using a custom ROM you should know that the root privileges will be revoked by following this through. The good news is that the warranty also comes good again.
  • Backup the personal data stored to the 64 GB of internal memory. if there is no room left, buy the additional microSD or microSDHC expansion ideas that also give an extra 64 GB of space. make copies of the market apps, photo galleries, videos and music files, plus anything else you don’t want to risk losing such as your friends and families telephone numbers. use an app available from Google Play such as helium to help you backup the contacts if you are finding it hard.
  • Furthermore, make sure you stop all security programs from running on the computer and the Android-based smartphone or tablet. They often interfere with the Odin tool. It is not a reason for concern because Odin is made by the real Samsung Developers. However, for some reason, security is an issue. It doesn’t present an issue for us because we 100% trust the source of the file as it is also an official file delivered by Samsung themselves.
  • The file size varies from 188.00 MB to 25.79 MB depending on the device. Either way, it doesn’t carry a lot of weight and most people will finish the steps within ten minutes or less.

How To Renew The Galaxy Note 3 With Android 4.4.2 N900TUVUDNF4 KitKat Manually

1. Download the N900TUVUDNF4 firmware zip file here.

2. Download Odin v3.09 here.

3. Extract both files to the desktop of the computer. Delete them after you finish the steps.
– some of you will need a new Sam Mobile account to get the first file.

Have Odin open and waiting for us to use in a minute.

4. Boot the Note 3 in Download Mode
– press Volume Down + Power + Home keys at the same time.
– hold the keys until the screen shows a little green robot.

5. Fetch the USB cable.

Look at the wire connecting the phone charger if you cannot find yours.

6. Make a wired connection between the Windows-based PC and the device to the USB cable.

7. Look at the computer monitor and watch the ID: COM port change to yellow or blue.

8. Watch it say “added” to the application.

9. Press the ‘AP’ key in Odin and upload the N900TUVUDNF4 tar.md5 file.

10. Wait for the file extension to load properly before continuing.

11. Press the Start key when ready.
– first make sure the default settings are present. These include:

  • re-partition box left unchecked.
  • Auto reboot checked in the box.
  • F reset Time checked in the box.

12. Wait for the flashing to finish.

13. Watch the handset reboot itself.

14. Close down the Odin application.

15. Look for the “safely remove hardware” icon in the Windows taskbar and disconnect the USB Mass Storage device properly.


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