T-Mobile subscribers are finding a new software version, namely G900TUVU1BNG3 rolling out over the air. keep your eyes on the notification bar if you wish to install it that way. For those looking for the manual method you can use the file and the steps listed below to hook you up instead.

The UVU1BNG3 firmware provides VoLTE voice calling using the LTE network, this means all users of the T-Mobile network will receive higher quality calls. We are still on the same software number that featured when this handset came out of the box, but these small improvements are keeping customers satisfied. We are confident that the carriers are waiting for the Android L version instead. When it arrives we will see instant jumps to that from here.

Samsung Galaxy S5

If you are a newbie to installing files with Odin then read the prerequisite steps so you don’t miss a beat.

  • The new stock official Android OS is re-installing the factory and default settings. In addition, the phone will receive the built-in apps, settings and features also. If you previously unchained the mobile the root access will be revoked. However, the good news is that any withstanding warranty that was previously taken away is now back again. That means if you need to send it off to the manufacturer they will look at it and fix it as they should.
  • Backup the data to the devices internal memory. Doing so will eliminate the worry of data loss that can occur if things don’t work out. Nobody anticipates any data loss, but stranger things have happened. If it does occur, you will rely on the saved data to be re-applied over the top again. Backup the market apps, call logs, SMS texts, MMS texts, photo galleries and extras. You should know that using applications such as Helium available from Google Play are a great way to backup the market apps.
  • The step by step guide is for use on the G900T variant of the Samsung galaxy S5 only. if your model number is different you risk soft-bricking the device after the steps. The tutorial is OK for S5’s running stock firmware or those with a custom ROM and recovery system.
  • Comparatively, a computer with Windows OS is required to complete the steps. The Odin tool we are using is only made for Windows units ranging from XP to Windows 8. Do not try to use it on Mac OS X or Linux because they do not work.
  • The new update commenced rolling out OTA days ago and won’t finish yet. If you prefer a few clicks that way is preferred. With that said, not everyone has t he pleasure of installing it that way because not everyone sees OTA’s arriving as a notification. Furthermore, many people like to skip the waiting stages.
  • As you know, the Galaxy S5 comes with USB charging as a stock feature. That means when we plug it into the computer system unit it will automatically begin charging the battery for us.
  • We recommend temporarily disabling virus protection, spyware protection and malware protection on the computer and the Android OS so they don’t interfere with the app we are using. We 100% trust Odin as it is a Samsung source and the file’s an official file provided by them too.
  • Correspondingly, make sure you have the up to date Samsung USB Drivers together with USB Debugging enabled from the developer options menu. The drivers are available together with Samsung Kies too, if you prefer to install them that way. However, disable the Kies like you would the security before starting the guide.

How To Update Samsung Galaxy S5 to G900TUVU1BNG3 Android 4.4.2 Kitkat firmware for T-Mobile Subscribers Only

1. Start with the S5 turned off.

2. Download the UVU1BNG3 zip file to the computer here.
– chose the desktop if you have trouble finding it elsewhere
– chose the C: Drive if you are experienced with locating files and want to keep this one longer than today.

3. Download Odin v3.09 to the computer here.
– look for the link on the page
– come back after you click the link and continue the instructions here.

4. Extract the contents and run the Odin application so it is open and ready on the monitor.

5. Fetch the USB wire that is likely connecting the phone charger.

6. Turn the phone on in Download Mode by pressing Volume Down + Power + Home keys at the same time and not letting go until the Android logo is present.

7. Plug the phone into the computer’s system unit using the USB cable.

8. Watch as the ID: COM port changes to blue or yellow and says it “added’ the smartphone.

9. Click the AP button and upload the G900TUVU1BNG3 tar.md5 file.

10. Wait for the file extension to read.

11. Double check that the default settings in Odin is showing

  • one box marked on for Auto reboot
  • one box marked on for f reset Time
  • no re-partition mark at all unless using a pit file

12. Click the start button.

13. Wait for the flashing to finish. It can take up to 10 minutes.

14. Close down Odin after the phone reboots.

15. Stop the USB Mass Storage device in the Windows system tray for a safe release.

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