Sony Live with WalkmanHook up the latest Live with Walkman WT19i by using this cool custom firmware. Now you can get all the 4.2.1 Jelly Bean goodness in the way of a CyanogenMod ROM.

Why would I want to do that? Even if you are not normally fond of rooting a device and stuff like that, the fact is that if you do it, you can get the latest Jelly Bean which you would not be able to get as standard because it has not come out yet. This is without a doubt the main reason to consider upgrading.

Over the years we have seen some interesting developments come out of the Android front. They aim at being very specific for certain types of people and this has been one of the key reasons for their overwhelming success in the last five or so years. Sometimes they push the limits of that too, like with this phone. It’s designed for music lovers who want Android at the same time and uses the name back from the good old VHS days.

Almost three years old now, it still has a lot going for it. Its heavy Facebook and social media integration shows a side that won’t age yet and should still dominate for years to come. Unlike MySpace, Facebook isn’t expected to go out of fashion. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg has made so much money and has such a good team, they are expected to stay at the pinnacle of web development for the foreseeable future. The upper hand, these companies have is that they can afford to pay some of the best minds in the business. This will keep them with the best ideas and ahead of the game unless a great mind was to say no to a high-paying job. Chances of that? Slim to nil.

Is there a downside? Yes. This is not a final ROM. What does that mean? It means that there will be some bugs and improvements needed. Kind of like when iOS is rolling out a beta version. This is probably one of those you want to back up your device before continuing if anything were to go wrong. An interesting fact: This does not need root access, however, to enjoy many of the features that it does have, you will need it.

Details of Note

  • Backup all important data so nothing it lost during the installation guide. The list of data includes EFS folder, call logs, market apps, MMS texts, contacts and more.
  • Don’t start this guide unless you have at least 60% battery power remaining.
  • Download the latest Xperia USB drivers so you won’t have any worries making a successful connection.
  • This is unofficial firmware and as such it will require you to have root access and ClockworkMod recovery already pre-installed before continuing.
  • Turn off any security programs such as antivirus or antimalware so that they do not interfere. All you need to do is temporarily disable them.

How To Install Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean CM10 on Live with Walkman

1. Download the CM10 ROM for Live with Walkman and the Google Gapps.

2. Transfer the zip files you downloaded to the devices SD card. Unplug the device from the computer and shut it off.

3. Load it up in recovery.

4. Now you will need to wipe the phone data. It is important to do this when you are installing a custom ROM.

There is three you should do, they are:

– Wipe data/factory reset
– Wipe cache partition.
– Wipe Dalvik Cache.

5. From the SD card choose the install zip from SD card option. Look for the file which we downloaded earlier and select it.

6. Now get the gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zipand install the Google apps pack.

7. Navigate back to the main recovery screen and select reboot system now.