The Droid RAZR XT910 is one of those devices that very much have a love/hate relationship with the world. It has the most unusual-looking design, to say the least, which certainly manages to separate itself from the competition in that regard if nothing else. Try and name me one other mobile phone that has contoured edges, similar to that of a boogie board and I’m sure you will struggle.

This update in particular is for the GSM version of the XT910. The GSM basically means it is the phone the rest of the world uses, and not the United States of America. U.S people are generally using the CDMA version. If unsure, it is usually displayed on the back cover of the phones, along with the model number.

This will give users the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean-based CyanogenMod 10.1 custom ROM. Because it is custom, it will need root access before continuing.

This Rom is pretty much available for all the different Droid phones, and believe me, there is a lot of them. The only thing you need to look out for is the right version. This one here is very specifically for the phone only. If you want it for one of the other versions like the Max or any of the different area types like CDMA or GSM then you can just search that from our search bar over to the side. There are heaps of forums around that you can also take a lookout for. Worst case scenario, ask us to point you in the right direction or leave a new thread asking your question at any of the Android places like XDA. You may also need to look out for the carrier you are with. For example, it’s Verizon that has the GSM.

Word on the street is that this one won’t support HDMI. If you plug it into a laptop or anything like that you will struggle to see the usual high-definition screen. There always seems to be at least one thing that is picked up as a bug when it comes to custom ROMs. That’s just part of the parcel. This won’t cause any damage or anything of that nature. It’s not perfect, but now that’s the only thing that users have picked up on that we are aware of. The team may bring out an update to solve this in the future months.

RC4 means that this is the fourth time that they have created a better version out of this one. It’s as good as it gets before we get right down to the very last version of the Rom. With that being said, we know there have been several kinks already ironed out. If you are a perfectionist, this one shouldn’t frustrate you as it would have at the beginning. If that doesn’t sound reassuring enough, then you can always just wait for the last version to come. Check back in when you want and look out for all the updates from us and we should have you covered.

How To Install Android 4.2.2 CM10.1 RC4 On The Droid RAZR XT910 GSM

1. Download the CM10.1 RC4 ROM for Droid Razr and Google Gapps.

2. Connect the mobile to the Windows computer via USB.

3. Copy the files you download in step 1 to the devices SD card. Don’t extract the contents yet.

4. Boot it back up into safe strap recovery. Press power on and wait for the safe strap screen to show. In the bottom left hand corner of the screen is a recovery option. Press this to enter recovery.