As if the technology wasn’t confusing enough for the most part, Samsung decided to throw their own spanner in the works with their latest Note 3 phablet.

At first it was reported to be unlocked no matter where you are in the world and thus leaning towards being extremely popular. Just where that report started from is unknown, but it’s almost hard to believe that sources didn’t hear the words the wrong way around because it has in fact been regionally locked for all countries that it is going on sale in. This leaves many customers extremely peeved off about the whole ordeal.

That was then accompanied by reports saying it isn’t as bad as it seems for certain reasons. Regardless on your take, if you want to have it unlocked, you can get that done now, leaving you with no regional restrictions at all.

The guide itself has been pulled up over at XDA which you can view in its entirety here. There is one thing you will need that we haven’t said yet and that will be root access to yours. Like so often is the case, these special added extra bits of work can’t be done unless the device has been opened up and this allowing extra aspect to work.

Otherwise, you can look at the denominational video clip which has been provided by XDA also. They call the new technique Regional Lock Away.

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