iPhone Jailbreakers and Unlock enthusiasts rejoice. We are happy to report a new unlock method for Jailbroken iPhones which work on any Firmware and any Baseband. This is very exciting news which was first uncovered by the Dev-Team leader at iPhone, MuscleNerd.

He reported the new method which was developed by Loktar_Sun, a Chinese researcher. It is able to unlock Jailbroken iPhones using a nifty little thing named Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM) which was created by Sam Bringner. If you have a Jailbroken iPhone and are in desperate need of an unlock we have the tutorial below to help you on your way. It is worth mentioning that this method will only work on the SIM card in use during the unlock. It produces a ticket for the individual SIM so if you have more than one you will need to repeat the procedure for each individual SIM.

As with all tutorials, proceed at your own risk and please ensure you back up your device before you begin. ConsumingTech will not take responsibility for any damage to your device or any loss of data during the installation.


  • Jailbroken iPhone which has never been put on any IMEI blacklists
  • Functioning PC with full internet connection
  • Up to date version of iTunes
  • Original carrier information of the iPhone in questionThe following is a step by step guide on How to Unlock Any iPhone Using Any Firmware and Any Baseband! help Guide/ Tutorial

Step 1. You need to add the official repository for SAM package. This can be done by opening Cydia and entering the following Repo URL:

Step 2. From your Springboard, touch the SAMPrefs icon to launch SAM. Or you can launch it from your settings.app. Now is a good time to ensure you have the correct SIM in your phone.

Step 3. Once launched touch on the option for ‘Utilities’  then ‘De-Activate iPhone’ . You can check this has been successful if ‘Unactiviated’ appears in the device ActivationState.

Step 4. From SAM Method Options, selected ‘By Country and Carrier’ . Then you will need to scroll through to locate your specific carrier. There is a possibility that some of you will need to select the ‘SIM ID’ option as not all carriers work with only network ID.

Step 5. Next press ‘More Information’ , jot down the IMSI you can see in this screen under SAM Details, then press ‘Spoof Real SIM to SAM’. The from the main menu of SAM you need to switch ‘Method’ to manual and then enter the IMSI you wrote down previously.

Step 6. Connect your iPhone to your PC and allow it to go through the iTunes process which will re-activate it. Once this is complete you need to ensure that the ICCID displayed in the phone number section of iTunes matches the one on the SIM card. If not you need to repeat steps 1 – 6.

Step 7. If they do match up you can proceed by unplugging your iPhone from the PC and disabling the SAM package. One disabled, reconnect your iPhone to the PC and let iTunes run. It is very normal at this stage for an error message to pop up on iTunes advising that your device can’t be connected. In this case simply close iTunes and then relaunch it.

Step 8. It shouldn’t be long before your iPhone displays the Signal bars indicating your iPhone is running and the unlock has been a success. There is a chance that push notifications may not work, if this is the case simply go into SAM and select the ‘Clear Push’ option before connecting your iPhone back up to iTunes.

As previously mentioned, only the SIM card used during the procedure will work with the iPhone. Repeat with individual SIM if needed. If you are going to do this it is highly recommended that you make a manual save of each  ticket produced for your different SIM’s. We have a quick guide below to help you save each ticket before Unlock Any iPhone Using Any Firmware and Any Baseband! .

Step 1. Complete steps 1 – 8 ensuring it is successful each time

Step 2. Using something like a desktop client or iFile, SSH into your jailbroken iPhone

Step 3. Go to /var/Root/ibrary/Lockdown making a local copy of anything in the directory for each SIM.