The VRUAME7 is the latest firmware which rolled out for the Verizon Galaxy S4. Most firmware updates are a pleasure, however, this one proved a pain for many users who are into customizing their devices. The reason being is that it stops many things, including users from being able to turn back the clock and downgrade again. This leaves them in a bit of a sticky situation for many reasons.

Don’t forget to still run through your usual routine before you go flying into the guide. Most experts from those forums won’t tell you the fundamentals because they are taught to you already. Backing up your data and contacts still needs doing no matter what guide it is that you’re following. A certain amount of battery being left so it doesn’t run out is still to be considered critical in performing a safe operating without bricking it.

Verizon White S4

As long as you are on the Verizon carrier there aren’t any problems with this working for you as long as you are running the build number mentioned. If you need to check this, head over to the settings followed by “About Phone” and look at the digits listed in here. This isn’t required for the most part because you should have installed it manually in which case you already know you are running it.

How do I know if I’m about this? If you updated OTA recently then this will be it.

That was as far as the story had unfolded until earlier today when two hackers over at XDA managed to come up with root access for the Verizon version.

You can check it out by visiting this thread. There is also a video there to check out the demonstration. Below the video you will find the full guide which is made even easier.

They say it’s really easy to do and you don’t have to wipe any of the data.