If you are a person tired of playing games that get repetitive after a certain point then Unblock Me would just be the right game that will keep you engaged without getting repetitive. The game is a simple puzzle game that requires the player to get the red block out of the board by strategically moving other blocks on the same board. The game is developed by Kiragames Co., Ltd for various mobile phones platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone. With the popularity of the game came an option get Unblock Me for PC Free Download and play it on your PC as well.

Following are some of the exciting features of the game that won it many fans.

Challenging puzzles: The game features a variety of puzzles that will challenge the player to use his brain to solve and advance in the game.

Multiple game modes: The game has two modes-relax and challenge mode- that the player can choose as he wishes. Both the modes are developed to provide maximum fun and engagement to the player.

Achievements: You can see all the stars that you have earned and your achievements throughout the game that will leave you wanting for more achievements.

If you think you want to play the game on your PC and do not know how to get Unblock Me for PC Free Download, follow any of the methods given below.

Since Unblock Me is meant for mobile phones, you will not be able to play the game on your PC right away. You need to use BlueStacks application that makes any android application run on your PC without any compatibility issues. Read our comprehensive guide on how to get BlueStacks on your PC.

Easy methods to get Unblock Me for PC Free Download

There are two methods to get Unblock Me for PC Free Download with the help of BlueStacks. These methods are given below.

Method 1: Installation through BlueStacks and the internet

Launch and the BlueStacks application from the desktop and you can see a search bar on the application. Type, “Unblock Me for PC Free Download” and then press enter. BlueStacks will search the internet and install the game on your PC. Once installed, you will be notified of the completion of the installation process. BlueStacks will create an icon for the game on the application menu, and you can launch the game from the icon created.

Method 2: Installation through the apk file

You need the Unblock Me apk file for this method, and it is available for download at Google play store. After downloading the apk file, open the same on your PC with BlueStacks for installation. BlueStacks will then seek your permission to execute the installation process. Give the permission and BlueStacks will carry out the entire process of installation of Unblock Me on your PC. You will get a prompt that the installation was successful. An icon for the game will be created in the application menu on the BlueStacks application. You can use this icon to launch the game on your PC.
Do try any of these methods to get Unblock Me for PC Free Download and this game will sure surprise you by its ability to keep you engaged for hours together.

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