UiPath stock price on 5/18/2023The more I study AI, the more I’m sure UiPath will be the next big tech stock investors wish they had bought decades ago by the time it becomes a large-cap tech stock.

I have tried to research as best I could what AI stocks the Google founders are interested in. And though they don’t invest in many companies, all the hints suggested that a company like UiPath is the type of company that has the chance to change the world similar to what Google did over the last two decades. UiPath is a combination of software and hardware; its business will impact the real manufacturing process with its AI software. And though we can’t see it yet, should they choose, I’m sure they could expand into the consumer market and be related to the Ai robotics we will have in our homes one day, though I’m sure Google may be there as well.

What makes UiPath an easy choice today is the fact that large-cap AI stocks have been booming recently with all the hype around AI. However, the leading growth AI stocks have hardly moved. We now have confirmation that there is a lot of investor interest in AI so it’s only a matter of time before that interest includes the leading names in the AI growth stocks. Who is leading growth? UiPath is right at the very top.

Note that this advice isn’t for day traders; the AI stocks have risen so much since February that we may see profit-taking in the short term. But those with a medium investment horizon can’t go wrong here with UiPath [unless there is a wider market crash].