If you are a subscriber to the AT&T network and own the Sammy Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 or 10.1, you are finding a new system notification alerting you of a new Android 4.4.2 KitKat update with the build number UCU1ANK2. You’ll find the same number is rolling over the air for each tablet.

As far as Christmas presents go, hopefully you’ll find better gifts under the tree because this is only a small update to the firmware. Inside users have bug fixes, stability improvements, OS enhancements, new kids mode so you can share the tablet with the young ones and bill integration for Google Play Store purchases. All future purchases come direct to the AT&T bill. Furthermore, users have the Galaxy Essentials App store to go along with the kids mode.

Galaxy tab 4 10.1

The billing feature is interesting because it’s likely to “irk” a few people. You can put the update on hold and opt out of installing the file, thus leaving you with the current billing system. We don’t know how long that trick will work, but if you aren’t running the new software with the new feature I can’t see why you’d be using the new billing feature.

Generally software updates are always welcomes apart from the Google security patches they bring in that patch up hacker exploits. Most of you will enjoy the new features so you can tap the “download” and “install now” buttons with confidence.

As I mentioned before, you want to use the WiFi and not the mobile data plan. Mobile data comes with the usual unwanted charges from your bill. Moreover, others installing the same updates as you create high traffic over the network which you can avoid by installing over the home WiFi. If you want to not accept the notification you can find the same again by heading over to  Settings> General> About Device> Software Update wait for the “check for updates” screen to ping back the results.