TowelrootWhen I try to get root access using the Towelroot one-click rooting tool, it says: “please ensure you are connected to the internet.” The thing is, I am already connected to the internet. How do I solve this? Resolution:

According to several forums, no one knows exactly why Towelroot gives that error, but the common conclusion is you need to download another version of Towelroot. Some forums offer links to substitute rooting files but be careful because those are for specific smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 from Verizon. Don’t use those links unless you have that same device.

Here are three Towelroot versions you can use:

If Towelroot doesn’t work, you can try other one-click rooting tools. When you use one-click rooting tools you need one that works or the same version of Android. For instance, if you run Android 5.0, you need to research the one-click rooting tools that work for Android 5.0. It’s hard for me to fit all that information here, so you will need to search for it yourself. If you need links for any one-click rooting tools, we have them here on site, so leave a comment and I’ll be happy to assist. If we had to give one name for a one-click rooting tool, it would be KingRoot; however, KingRoot only works up until Android 7.0. When rooting Android versions above Android 7.0, you typically use Magisk.