With mobile phones — other than reception — there isn’t anything much more important than the battery. It is important to learn how to save the battery as much as possible, especially if you are using the actual device for a lot of the day. The batteries can last quite a long time in your pocket. However, if you have the phone in action, it can be surprising how quickly they can drain. So without further adieu, here is the top 5 battery saver apps for Android phones.

This list is in no particular order, but the first app I want to mention is the easy battery saver. Maybe it was all in the name, but this is the app I was drawn to first myself after finding out about it. It does just like the name suggests also, so if you are looking for a quick fix, this is it.

The next battery saver app worth a look is the battery booster app. This is what it is called, and this is what it does. It gives you a choice of 4 different modes to put your Android phone into. Choose from the basic saver mode, smart saver mode, ultimate saver mode or the sleep mode. Inside the app will tell you exactly what each one does. If you are looking for an app that is slightly more technical but gives you the best performance this could well be it.

The next battery saver app for Android on the list is the Powermax app. This app makes a list because it just looks cooler than the others while also doing its job well. It has several modes you can pick and choose from much like the battery booster app, but this time you get a cool slider switch to yank up and down on.

If you haven’t noticed, the apps choose a name that gives a different mental way of going about the job. I’ll put this one down to marketing strategy. If you haven’t heard the one you want yet then this next one might be for you. The battery defender app is the next one on the list. Call it defending, call it powering, call it saving. Whatever tickles your fancy they all do the same thing. Which one works best is arguable and well depend on which device you are using. What is not debatable is that all these deserve to be somewhere near the top of the list when you decide to take your pick of which one you would like.

If you aren’t interested in installing any of those applications for helping preserve the battery on your smartphone or tablet that is running on a version of the Android operating system, then you might be interested in checking out some custom ROMs. Taking the leap from installing straightforward applications to custom ROMs is a big one, and you shouldn’t be installing custom ROMs unless you are an advanced Android user. But for those who are, the world of custom ROMs often provides the best ways for saving the battery life and holds the key to giving you a device that sees out the day without it needing to be recharged.

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