Even though the hardware is less impressive when being compared to the newer handsets, once it gets updated to this newer version of jelly bean, it will be lightning fast, super quick and smooth. Browsing will be seamless and hassle free and you’ll be wondering what took you so long to install it. There is a clear, distinctive difference between the quality of what we are seeing here compared to the other builds that came out before it. Obviously it isn’t really knew now that we are honing in on 2014, but for its time it was amazing. Interestingly enough, it still does hold its own if you wanted to put it up against the likes of the latest KitKat in terms of performance.

Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

It does change from devices even though this is 4.1.2 and generally the cheaper it is, the less features it will be given, or to look at it another way, the more it will be missing out on. For the most part though, all things are similar. If you wanted to compare it to another handset, the Galaxy S2 would probably be the nearest one that would be very similar. Sometimes with smaller names like the Infinite it is hard to find things like YouTube clips which is why we gave the comparison to help out.

One thing people don’t have to worry about is Google Now. It will be there inside of this build for all of you to use. This came out as a rival up against Apple’s Siri service. It’s really underrated for what it is. “Now” is really intelligent and can remember previous things you’ve taught it so that it can use in its present day knowledge from the web to manipulate different ideas. Traffic is a good example of a great way to use Google Now. Many people are reluctant to use it outside in front of people because it requires you to talk to the phone. This has not been a big hit and most users are far too shy, or scared of looking like a nut to do this. Still in the car is fine provided you have some tinted windows to help you on your quest.