Hi everyone. A while back, we held a contest to give ten Windows Insiders a chance to win a trip to Microsoft headquarters here in Redmond. Winners were selected based on videos they submitted on what they like most about Windows 10 and the Windows Insider Program.

As usual, Insiders came through with fantastic enthusiasm and we were amazed at the creative, entertaining, insightful, and sometimes moving submissions that we received. We heard from hundreds of students, IT Pros, gamers, app developers, and Windows fans from all over the world, but in the end we had to select just 10 for the trip.

It was such a great experience for us to spend time with the winners of the contest and we think they enjoyed it too. I thought it would be fun for all Windows Insiders to get a peek at the experience we all had. Take a look at the video that we put together about their visit:

Once again, congratulations to our ten winners:

  • Karel – Czech Republic
  • Adrian – Germany
  • Kimberley – Netherlands
  • Roderick – United States
  • Gabriel David – Spain
  • Vitor – Brazil
  • David – Canada
  • Farhan – Malaysia
  • Jenny – United States
  • Kaustubh – India


It was exciting and immensely humbling for all of us to meet these Insiders face-to-face and take in the energy, enthusiasm and insights that they bring to Windows.

We loved the chance to experience the incredible diversity of the 1.5 billion people using Windows. They came from all over the world with a great range of backgrounds and experience. For most of the winners this was a long way to travel, so we really appreciated them taking the time out to come and meet with us (one winner had final exams the very next day after 20 hours of travelling home!)

During their tour of the Microsoft campus, the Insiders had a chance to meet with people from across our engineering, design, and marketing teams, getting a close-up look into how we build Windows. They met with senior Windows leaders including Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore and me, and personally presented some great ideas on how to make Windows and the Windows Insider Program even better.


Joe Belfiore shared a great story about an idea for Windows 10 that several Insiders had suggested during their visit. As it turns out, that idea turned out to be the same Windows 10 feature that we were just getting ready to announce! (Curious about the feature? Check out the video.)

The Insiders also toured several of our design studios and the hardware labs used to craft the Xbox One and Microsoft Band. They got a look of the “Making of the Holobot” (a robot running Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi, ‘driven’ wirelessly by HoloLens) before we presented it at the Build Developer Conference. And they caught a glimpse of the future with a look at our latest technology showcase – including many concepts that even Microsoft employees haven’t yet seen.


Insiders also had a chance to test-drive some great hardware running Windows, including some of our latest Surface and Lumia devices. For one Insider, his new Windows 10 device might have even saved him from missing a flight back home. As he tells it, when he glanced at the Cortana tile on his way to the airport, it indicated that there wasn’t enough time to make his flight. So he had his taxi driver take a different route. Sure enough, he made it with just minutes to spare. Windows 10 and Cortana to the rescue!

Thanks to all of you who participated in the contest. And thanks again to all Insiders who continue to help us shape the next generation of Windows. Although we could only have ten winners this time, we’re building Windows for—and with—all of you.


Source: Ten Windows Insiders get a close-up look at how we’re building Windows