Subscribers to the AT&T network can now be on the look out for a new software update coming to their Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. The new build number is KOT49H.T707AUCU1ANK1 and it comes with “revised link management handling” from the calendar. The Kernel Version is  3.4.39-2974855. The new update stays on the same Android 4.4.2 KitKat name which we already know for bringing loads of goodies such as white status bar icons, white navigation bar icons, immersive mode, full screen album art from the lock screen and more.

Black Tab S 8.4

Apart from that one feature there’s not much to rant about. You can check the official change log and support page provided by AT&T from this link here. Even though there’s nothing else listed on the change log, it doesn’t mean there isn’t other minor changes inside. They are in no way contracted or obliged to tell you everything that’s inside. Therefore, users can likely find some bug fixes and performance improvements after installing the latest build.

There is one thing peculiar about this firmware update: it comes with the sidenote of installing over WiFi only. Normally we always recommend using the WiFi connection and not mobile data plans to avoid unwanted data charges and the high traffic over the network. High traffic often comes with instability and that causes freezes during the installations for occasional users. However, rarely do we see the only option as over WiFi.

That said, official software updates issued by the phone carrier networks rarely go wrong to the point where you lose data. Data loss occurs if users apply a hard reset or a factory reset because the device doesn’t boot properly. You can avoid data loss completely after the steps and backing up your device. Most Samsung tablets and smart phone have built-in backup capabilities where you can follow the instructions and store data using the internal storage space.