It’s not often you’ll see a carrier release an update just weeks or even days before a much bigger update is expected by that is exactly what T-Mobile have done here with the latest Android 4.4.2. The new build namely G900TUVU1ANE6 is brought in to fix a bug in the previous version.

The size of this build is 180 MB, and that is significant enough to consider installing over the home WiFi instead of using the mobile data. For many of us going over the mobile data amount, means additional costs and it is always wise to use the extra space the home internet has instead.

Samsung Galaxy S5

You see, many people were having problems with a bug that was messing up the SMS and MMS texts. Sometimes people would not see them coming in even though the person they were texting has sent them. It took longer to identify than perhaps would have been ideal because for a long time they were going unnoticed. It isn’t until somebody brings up in conversation a text message that you soon discover that you never received that one.

Anyhow, with text playing such a big part in our lives T-Mobile felt like they needed to get on top of it now and not wait until Android 4.4.3 rolled out. If you are waiting for the 4.4.3, the good news is that the T-Mobile variants of the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 were the first devices to receive the new KitKat firmware so with a bit of luck they might also be first for the Galaxy devices. We have known for a while now that the S5 will be coming sooner after Google takes care of the Nexus handsets first.

As always a system notification will come in alerting you when this update comes in for your device. It comes OTA but if you want to check you can also navigate to Settings > General > About device > Software update > Check now, and it will automatically start searching if it is ready.

Nobody should lose any data during the update, but if you like to do things by the book please backup before starting. Use Samsung Kies to sync, Google Drive to store files or sync to the Gmail account assigned to the smartphone. You can also use the internal storage, external options such as the microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC cards of up to 128 GB.

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