After browsing on eBay recently for the Grays Sports Almanac magazine that Biff uses to get rich, I had Back To The Future fever. So much in fact, that as soon as I laid eyes on this new Google Glass designer eyewear I instantly thought back to the 80’s cult classic movies starring Michael J Fox.

What I didn’t know, however, was that these are, in fact, 80’s designed on purpose and although they don’t come specifically with a name one blog is already calling them from the Back To The Future series. We’ll get to know more details on these tomorrow when they launch from makers DVG.

Doc back to the future

One of Glasses biggest problems is people could not afford a pair even if they wanted to buy them. A standard pair is on the market for $1,499, and these DVG superscription lenses have a base price of $1,620 or the tailored type for $1,725. As the fun as they look it’s hard seeing many people paying more for these 80’s inspired memories compared to the real thing that looks a great deal more modern.

A remedy consisting of looking cheaper and costing more is not what we are predicting to spark Glass becoming a success, but it seems the Mountain View company are swaying towards getting as many custom makers as possible on board this project to offer people a variety of styles. We already saw Ray-Ban jump on board although things have quietened down a lot on their behalf. That is the tenancy we are seeing from every brand that goes anywhere near Glass and with social media referring anybody that goes near these as Glass-holes it is hard to see them having any future at all outside of one’s own backyard.

Terminator sunglasses-I’ll be honest: I wasn’t as quick to point out that they also come very close to the sunglasses Arnold Schwarzenegger wears in the other films from the same period called Terminator. I can imagine many kids wanting a pair now because it was a movie every boy loved, but there’s no way they could afford them unless they were a kid back in the day, and all grown up now.

Navigator Orchid Mist Flash BlueWhat nobody else has mentioned in all of this is how interesting it is that we are travelling back in time and featuring shades from movies that were futuristic. This Google project is obviously very futuristic in itself, and it’s an unusual strategy used for marketing with a touch of irony.

Aviator Graphite Flash

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