Even though T-Mobile is constantly in the news lately nothing has stopped them from updating the Samsung Galaxy S5 to another newer build of Android 4.4.2 KitKat, namely G900TUVU1ANE5. This update started rolling out to handsets on the 22nd of May and will commence on the 10th of June.

You can view the official document from the T-Mobile website and it shows us what this update brings to the table. We know that the messaging app has played and not delivering SMS and MMS text properly to recipients. It has led to many people having conversations with relatives and compatriots, but some of the messages missing. If they weren’t making their way to the end-user sometimes people panic and think that there is a problem with the home WiFi of smartphone signal but often that is not the case. Instead, they are being lost in translation so to speak and this phone carrier has picked up on it.

White Galaxy S5

Apart from that this is a minor update that doesn’t bring much else. We know that this was its main purpose, but not necessarily its sole purpose. It could have some bug fixes and improvements to go along with it also. The reason I say this is on account of it being 135 MB in size. That file size is bigger than just a simple SMS fix. It goes without saying that you will also need to leave at least 135 MG of free space on the internal memory to install this device update or else it will fail and not work.

The Galaxy S5 starts off with 16 GB of built-in storage space and for many of you that will leave enough space for this update. However, because Android already uses a significant portion of that space with the initial OS by the time you finish adding music, photos, video and other data, you are out of space. The S5 comes with an additional 128 GB of the available space via microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC memory cards. If you do not have space and refuse to delete data then go out and buy one of these options.

Users won’t see a huge difference between this new software and when the S5 handset first came out because it started out of the box with the Android 4.4.2 TouchWiz UI and that is not far off what we have here today. With rumors running rampant about another S5 prime coming soon that blows this version out of the water, users will be feeling annoyed that they invested too much money into this handset. At least for them this update offers a bit of sanity and consolation along the way. The good news is that it will see Android 4.4.3 when later released and likely many more future software updates that won’t have it far behind the new prime model.

Interestingly enough this update starting rolling out roughly yesterday and today the official website has announced it has called a halt to proceeding. We assume that means it is stopped from rolling out to any more devices until further notice. They have not left any information about why they decided to pull the plug, but from out interpretation it sounds like it has been paused and it will start-up again in the future and not being stopped completely forever. We will keep this post updated when we learn more about what is happening.

Users can check their software version by navigating to Settings > General >About Device and reading the baseband version. In this case after updating it will read G900TUVU1ANE5.

Once you have established that, go to the notification tray and swipe it downwards to open it, tap on the T-Mobile service update and then tap Start. It will prompt to restart and tap “Ok” to finish. Alternatively users can navigate to Settings > General > About Device > Software Update > OK > Start updating to install it.